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Clean Bee Residential is dedicated to offering Spokane a superior home cleaning service at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. 

Relax, and let us handle the cleaning.


How it works


You're busy, and we get that. We have made our process as simple and easy as possible to save you time!

Start with a phone call. Together we will get an idea as to how long it will take us to clean your home, as well as what we will charge. Once you're added to our cleaning schedule, we take care of the rest! Our pricing allows us to customize, prioritize tasks, and change your cleaning as often as needed.

Should you decide to use Clean Bee Residential, we will gather a little more information, including your address, day/time preference, and billing information. 

Once you're added to our cleaning schedule, sit back and start enjoying your home. If you ever have a problem with your billing, service, or anything else, we are committed to making it right. 

A difference you can actually see!

What our cleaning services include

We work with you. Our standard weekly and bi-weekly house cleaning services includes cleaning all kitchen surfaces, appliances, bathroom surfaces, mopping and vacuuming all floors and carpeted areas, emptying trash cans, dusting horizontal surfaces such as tabletops and counters, and more.

At your request we can also clean baseboards, trim, interior windows, doors, cabinets, blinds, and much more. 

Customers are served weekly, bi-weekly, or one time. We offer move in/out cleaning as well as one time cleans. Customers are welcome to change their scheduling preference at any time.

No! Customers can stop, start, change, or pause their home cleaning service 24 hours ahead of their next scheduled service for any reason.


How often we service

Do I have to sign a contract?

What are you waiting for? Call Clean Bee residential today and let us handle the rest!


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